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Oliver with a Twist

Scatman John :He was born John Paul Larkin on March 13th 1942 in El Monte, California. Later he was better known by his stage name "Scatman John". John Larkin was a stutterer. The condition caused him frustration and pain from the ridicule and dismissive attitudes of some. He found solace in the music -- first in piano, then in scat singing. For whatever reason, stuttering was never a problem for him when he sang scat. He went on to create a fusion of scat singing and dance music. One of his basic messages was "I can overcome difficulties. If I can do it, so can you." Sadly, he passed in 1999, but he leaves behind a great legacy. Check him out on Youtube. To get you started, there is a link immediately preceding this paragraph -- click on his name.

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Cowboy Action Shooting

HPIM0539Csepiaweb.jpg "I was a cowboy in a previous life... and I was one last Sunday, too."

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In Memoriam Michael Maxell

Pictures from the Gunfight behind the Jersey Lilly


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